Quarantine proms: Replacing a once lost memory


Kim Nelson

Seniors (left to right) Lena Ahrens, Clare Basala, Morgan Ramirez and Caroline Young pose for a picture before they attend their quarantine prom.

Morgan Ramirez, Photo Manager

From the classes the students take, the sporting events people watch, the friends many people make, and the dances a lot of students go to, being a high schooler is full of many life changing experiences.

Prom is something every high school student looks forward to. They’re finally an upperclassmen and get the chance to go to a dance only the juniors and seniors can attend.

Every May, PVHS has a prom for the juniors and seniors, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all spring activities have been canceled, including prom.  

Seniors all over the country and especially those at PVHS are devastated that they do not get to participate in many of their high school lasts. 

A lot of the girls began prom dress shopping for this year’s prom after prom of 2019. Some even travel up to three hours to go find their perfect dress for their perfect night.

Many parents have decided to host their own prom in their house for their seniors to get the experience they had always dreamed of. They turn their living rooms into dance floors and hope their child feels just as happy. 

On April 22 there was an email sent to all parents and students regarding the rest of the school year. In that email there was a document attached with frequently asked questions. One of the most frequently asked questions was whether or not there will be a prom. 

“It is with great sadness that Prom and Right After Prom (RAP) will be cancelled due to the social distancing requirements,” said Belmont Administration Center. “There has been some discussion about scheduling a dance in June or July but with many summer community events already being cancelled, we do not see that as a realistic option.”

When the seniors found out this information they were devastated to say the least. 

Senior Sara Hoskins was one of many upset seniors when they released the news. “I was upset about the memories that could’ve been made that night,” she stated. “Prom is a special thing for juniors and seniors but senior prom is something we have all been waiting for and I am sad that my classmates and I don’t get to experience it.” 

Prior to the news, senior Caitlin Crome’s younger sister, Kylie Crome, had planned a senior prom, but with hopes that there would still be one at a later time. “I was very touched that my sister thought to make me my own prom since she knew how upset I was about my senior one possibly being cancelled,” she said. 

Other schools in the community such as Davenport Central High School have also cancelled their prom. However, there are many other schools that are still undecided on whether they are going to cancel their prom or not, like Bettendorf High School and Assumption High School.

Of the many high school experiences, prom is one many students look forward to. Since many senior proms have been cancelled, or could be cancelled in the future, many students are losing a once in a lifetime experience. But thanks to the creativity of many, quarantine proms are helping replace the once considered lost memory.