Seniors won’t let coronavirus stop their last dance


TJ Brown

Students pose for prom pictures on May 5, 2019.

TJ Brown, Copy Editor

Events have been cancelled across the state, including ones often seen as milestones in high school. Sports, graduation, senior prom and more have either been suspended indefinitely or completely scrapped. However, many students are set on having some semblance of a normal senior year.

This has taken form in a prom held not by the school, but a group of seniors. Liv Schilling was one of the first seniors to carry out the idea.

“I think everyone was super bummed about not getting a senior prom, and there was talk of just holding our own prom but no one was taking any sort of initiative,” she explained. “So I talked to my mom and she said that I could host a senior prom.”

The prom will only be available to attend by seniors and is set to be held on June 20.

While there aren’t too many concrete plans regarding the specifics, Schilling is determined to make the event feel “as similar as possible if not just more special” than a regular prom.

There is cause for concern over whether or not a large group gathering such as prom should be held this summer, but the people planning are hopeful that social distancing will not be as necessary come late June. “I feel like it’ll be more acceptable,” Schilling commented. “The weather is warming up and people’s immune systems will be working better.”

If things do not improve by then, she said they would “have to postpone or take precautions.”

The lengths these students are going to have prom shows the importance of these nights. “I think senior prom is super significant,” Schilling said.  “It’s your last shindig as a senior. For a lot of kids their senior prom is something they look forward to their whole lives.”

Senior Brandon Depover agreed. “I feel like it’s good for the seniors because we lost it for the school,” he added.

Hopefully these students will be able to enjoy their last high school dance, and do it safely.