Movie theaters adapt in preparation for fall releases



Movie theaters remain empty as companies make plans to safely reopen for the fall movie season.

Akash Pradeep, Feature Editor

With blockbusters such as “Black Widow” and “Wonder Woman: 1984” coming to the big screens this fall and winter, movie-goers will be looking to make their way into movie theaters. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, movie theaters have gone through major changes in order to safely incorporate people back.. 

Movie theaters such as IMAX in Davenport faced a decrease in attendance through the summer, but the upcoming movies could prompt a jump in numbers. For this reason, protocols had to be implemented for safety and profit. 

The IMAX Movie Theater website states, “Moviegoers are required to wear face masks/coverings, socially distance, and there is limited seating capacity in the screening rooms. Rooms and other counters are sanitized frequently, and there are limited concessions, so people won’t crowd in lines.”

Even though watching movies will be different, the protocols ensure the safety of the employees and help to stop the spread of bacteria in the theater. These measures are similar to measures enacted by other institutions, which make sure safety is the priority. With these safety precautions, people can enjoy the movie as well as prevent themselves and others from being exposed. 

In addition, many people feel more comfortable with going to movies this fall. Senior Nathan Lokenvitz said, “I have been waiting for the movies for a long time, and it should be a break from my school. I definitely feel safer with what the movie theater is doing.” As films from earlier this year have been delayed to sometime within the next year, theaters have taken precautions to ensure moviegoers have a positive experience. 

They are able to relax more as they trust the safety measures of the organization. Moreover, the popularity of the upcoming movies makes the coming fall and winter something many are looking forward to, especially after being deprived for several months. Individuals can enjoy the thrill of seeing these movies for the first time while keeping themselves protected. 

As the future is uncertain due to COVID-19, these protocols are expected to be in place for the coming future. No matter what, these blockbusters will continue to get more people to come, prompting companies to adapt along the way. Senior Srikanth Ganesh states, “I don’t know what is going to happen with the new rules, but I really hope to get back because there are too many good movies coming out this year and next year.”