Waiting on phase four: The Marvel Cinematic Universe announces its plans for 2021


Elijah O'Donnell via Unsplash

It has been over a year since Spiderman: Far From Home came out in theaters, ending phase three of the MCU. Fans are in for a treat with the new phase four films. Expect a diverse and fresh new take on superhero films.

Corea Conner, Photo Editor

It’s been a long time since marvel fanatics have been able to binge-watch their favorite movies and ever since “Black Widow” debut movie was pushed back a year from its original release date and Falcon and The Winter Soldier was moved to 2021, it seems that fans are out of luck this year.

After the thrill over the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel fans can expect nothing less from the upcoming movies for 2021. With new aspiring positions left open from the legendary Iron Man and Captain American, viewers will see a wide variety of new cast members to the MCU. 

The new Marvel year will kick off with WandaVision this December on Disney Plus, starring Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision. The film is a series of episodes centered around the romance of Wanda and Vision set in an MCU sitcom–a new realm for marvel. The new year will begin in May, with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

After being postponed time and time again, May 7, 2021 will hopefully be the long-awaited release date for Black Widow. The film will show the rise of Natasha Romanoff, her life while a part of the KGB and the aftermath when she escapes. Deciding to release the movie earlier out on Disney+ has many executives concerned with the effects on movie theatres. But Dan Loeb, a Disney investor believes it would be best to put the movie out on Disney+ to gain more viewers.  

Senior Azzy Brown, a marvel fanatic expressed, in great detail, her view on where she would rather see the Black Widow film. “Seeing the film in theaters is quite an unmatched experience. The big screen, the loud sound effects, and even the yummy popcorn is a delightful experience. However, due to these unprecedented times, I would undoubtedly have no problem viewing the movie on Disney Plus, especially being fortunate enough to own the streaming service. But I believe there is something to be said about the theater experience,” Brown exclaims. 

Loki, a mini tv series scheduled to be released on Disney+ sometime during the spring of 2021 will rewind time to follow Loki. Yes, Loki. In Avengers: Endgame when Steve Rogers, the Hulk, Antman, and Tony Stark try to recover the Tesseract, Loki ends up escaping with it, leaving fans with a loose end of what might have happened afterward. This series will open into another timeline where Loki changes the course of history.  

Julia Leach, a fan of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki character, describes her opinion on the new upcoming series. “I think the mini-series will be super interesting, I mean he’s a villain and usually villains don’t get to have their own series. I think it also says something about the fact that more attractive villain characters will get more viewers”, Leach says. 

After being bounced around the 2021 year, The Eternals date of release is scheduled for Nov. 5 2021. The film is centered around celestial beings that arrive after Avenger: Endgame to protect the human race from Deviants. Although there are many unknowns about the movie’s plot, fans can count on a battle between the super beings created by the celestials. 

After The Eternals, Spiderman: Far From Home the sequel, with no presented title, will initially release December 17. Not only will it be closing out the 2021 year for MCU fans, but Spiderman 3 may also be the last Tom Holland film in the MCU because of the agreements Sony and Marvel made back in 2019. Time will only tell when and what these movies may bring, but fans can expect something invigorating.