Top 2020 winter fashion trends


Randy Yip via Pixabay

2020 has been an unusual year and this year’s winter styles combat the year on a creative and innovative way.

Corea Conner, Photo Manager

2020 fashion trends are an ultimate combination of all things 1900s with a futuristic twist. And surprisingly the color brown is in, like most things in 2020-never would have seen that coming. From wide legged trousers to the brightest colors ever, here are some of the top styles for this coming winter season. 

1. Beige to Brown

If you are wanting to follow the street style this winter, wearing all nude colors is the way to get noticed. It can be as simple as a brown sweater with a light nude necklace and blue jeans. Simple and comfortable to wear whether at school, a job or lounging around the house. 

2. Sharp Pleated Trousers

Looking trendy does not always need to be complicated. Pleated trousers are a way to be stylish and have a smooth look without looking like you are “trying too hard.” These pants are versatile and can be worn with many tops like-a nice blouse for a family dinner, throwing on a soft pair with a cropped lightweight sweater when at home or a fancy polo and a tie for a business meeting.  

3. The Amazing Clash

 Do you have a friend who can not match their clothes to save their life? Fortunately for them, the clash is in. This style may seem to be easy but picking out a way to clash an outfit to perfection is nothing short of complicated. Start by picking your favorite patterns then picking a pattern you may not wear as often. After that bring it a step further and clash your colors. This lets people know you are not just being lazy. 

4. Jumbo Sleeves

Do you like your clothes baggy? If not, this trend is not for you. If you want to take on this trend, find what you are most comfortable in: like crop tops, large sweaters, tight sweaters or regular long sleeved shirts and look for something with a bit of baggage on the sleeves. Baggy sleeves are an easy way to look fancier when going out. 

5. Capes and Drapes

Extra large trench coats and elongated clothing will have people doing a double take. In this trends, matching is key. Going all one color or having a small accent somewhere underneath. For example a large all black trench coat, on the inside have it be pink, with anything black underneath, but make it a different pattern.

6. WWS

Women wear suits.This is empowering. And looking like a boss is beautiful! Start off with the pants, the pleated trousers and a tucked in blouse with a loosely fitted blazer or a fitted tuxedo are sure to show off your confidence. When wearing baggier clothes, wear colors that are more mellow, dull, or dark. For tight fitting outfits go all in with bright colors or a neon if you want to make a statement. 

7. Boss in Black

Black is beauteous, especially when adding in a black jacket to the fit. When wearing all black you can take on an edgy side or take on a preppy side. Honestly, it is all about your mood and makeup. But to rock this style, start with what makes you most comfortable: sweat pants or skinny jeans, baggy shirts or tight shirts. If you wear sweatpants, try a cropped black shirt with a trench coat and combat boots. If you are a fan of skinny jeans or tights then a long different materialed black shirt with pointed heels. And always remember the sunglasses!   

Do not fret if this year’s fashion trends are complicated and uncanny, just be yourself and do not listen to the judgements others may impose on you. Be cute, comfortable and-most importantly- confident.