Decoration dilemma: the debate on when to prepare for the holidays


Jonathan Sulgrove

Spotify, as well as other music services, offers Christmas music year-round for whenever people want to listen to it.

Jonathan Sulgrove, Opinion Editor

Now that Halloween is over, some students are turning their attention to another major holiday looming ahead: Christmas. However, there is an ongoing debate about when people should do this.

The opinions on when to start decorating and listening to Christmas music are all over the spectrum, ranging from only a week before Christmas to year-round. Sometimes the same person may even have differing opinions based on the activity, such as listening to Christmas music versus putting up a tree with lights and ornaments.

Although opinions vary immensely, it seems the general consensus at PV and around the Internet is people like to decorate in the weeks following Thanksgiving.

Senior Anna Kunau possesses this belief. “Some people wait all year for Christmas and all those festivities and they forget that other holidays are just as important,” she said. “If you are so busy decorating for Christmas, you forget about the joys of being together that Thanksgiving is all about.”

However, not everybody at PV feels this way. Senior Abby Shamrell believes anytime after Halloween is acceptable. “Personally I like to see everything go up on November 1st,” she stated. “The holidays are supposed to bring cheer and gratitude, which goes hand and hand with Thanksgiving. Listening to holiday music and seeing holiday IS being festive for Thanksgiving.”

Inevitably, the COVID-19 pandemic will be an issue this year. “There most likely will be a lot more people staying home for the holidays, and if people do travel, there probably will be a lot more road tripping,” Shamrell said.

“The holidays are something that we can do in our own homes. By decorating earlier, and enjoying all of the wonderful music that has been created for the holidays, we can celebrate our own personal victory in the face of so much sadness. This can be the light in the darkness that is the pandemic.”

As Americans begin focusing on the upcoming holiday season, their to-do lists are filling up with many festive activities. Regardless of when they start, their hard work will pay off with a season of relaxing and spending time with family.