Jill Biden’s promising role as First Lady



Jill Biden shows promise in helping American education get back on its feet.

Corea Conner, Photo Manager

Dr. Jill Biden, former Second Lady of the United States, has caught the attention of educators across the nation. And during such times of uncertainty, the American people can only hope that Joe and Jill Biden will lead the country in great graces these next four years.

When it comes to the security of U.S. education, Jill Biden, the presumed First Lady, will notably advocate for it. She will also remain full time as an English professor and possibly the first First Lady to hold another full time position while living in the White House.

While serving as Second Lady, Jill Biden worked at Northern Virginia Community College. When she was not busy teaching young minds, she spread awareness of the importance of public education and the impact it had on students.

Ever since 2017, the year Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, there has been a new approach to public education.

Betsy DeVos and Jill Biden definitely have contradicting views of public education. DeVos’s plan was to implement vouchers into communities as a scholarship program that parents can apply their kids for, earning a higher education. The program only supports charter schools, leaving the remaining public schools without the funding they need to be a sufficient school for kids who were not accepted to the charter.

Many educators are all wondering what Biden’s Department of Education will do to reverse the damage to America’s education system. The American people, no matter the religion, race or culture, need to be reassured that their kids will get a well-rounded education and their taxes will be placed in the right hands.

Carissa McDonald is a co-founder of A Positive Place, a group that speaks about political and social issues such as race relations. With Joe Biden in office, McDonald believes education will finally receive the attention it deserves. “Because Betsy DeVos had no experience in public education, I feel confident that Joe Biden will elect someone into her position who will take action for education,” McDonald stated.

Just as Jill Biden has made an impact on the lives of her students, her students have made an impact on her. “My students have shown me so many times that it’s not always about being the perfect person in the perfect position – it’s about showing up when you’re needed,“ she stated. In these times, America needs leaders who they can trust, especially when education is not always the primary focus.

Dr. Lynne Lundberg, the AP American Literature teacher at PV, truly believes that change will start to prevail. “Having a teacher as First Lady means that the Bidens will see education realistically and it means that they care about education,” Lundberg said. “I hope we’ll see more trust for teachers and more support for schools.”

Lundberg also sees the reality of a movement towards inclusivity within new generations. “I also hope, and believe, we’ll see more emphasis placed on providing great public education for all students, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, ability or socio-economic status,” she expressed. “I believe we’ll see more distrust of for-profit education and more faith in public schools to do what’s necessary to educate all students well. We’re seeing the importance.”

It is crucial that women of all ages see Dr. Biden take on both of her roles and still be an active advocate for women, education and military families. The First Lady is not just the wife of the president, the First Lady can be known as a woman who is fierce, overcoming and determined towards her own goals.

The bottom line is that public education not only needs to be a “hot topic,” but it needs to be placed in the hands of someone who has experience in education and who is passionate about it. There is no reason why the Secretary of Education should be someone who does not have a background in teaching.

With Jill Biden as the First Lady, education throughout the nation can start to make a turn for better.