Why students choose Iowa State University and The University of Iowa


Corea Conner

Two t-shirts and one life decision. Will Iowans choose the path of the Cyclone or follow the trail of the Hawkeye.

Corea Conner, Photo Manager

Besides being known for their rivalry in football, Iowa State University (ISU) and The University of Iowa (Iowa) are two of the most common universities that Iowa students choose to attend. 

Each school is known for its eminence in different subjects. For example, students often attend Iowa to study medicine or business, while they go to ISU to study engineering or design. These are only a few of the many reasons why someone may choose one school over the other.

A considerable reason why in-state students choose these two schools is because of their low cost. Iowa and ISU are well-known schools throughout the nation and come at a low cost. Between the two universities, there is not much of a difference when it comes to tuition. Iowa is roughly $16,000 after financial aid, while ISU is about $15,000.

ISU has an acceptance rate of 91 percent with a 75 percent graduation rate, and Iowa has an acceptance rate of 83 percent with their graduation rate at 72 percent. Out of Iowa colleges ISU has the 2nd highest graduation rate and Iowa is placed 5th

Iowa is well known for its many championships wins in wrestling, including 34 within The Big Ten conference and 23 national titles. Iowa Hawkeye football is also a large part of the university’s culture. 

But, Iowa is not only known for their sports. Their business, management, marketing and medical programs are recognized nationwide. Among business schools in the nation, Tippie business school is ranked 21.   

Senior Anali Anderson applied to Iowa in hopes of working in the medical field. “No because I want to go into the medical field and Iowa State doesn’t have a specialty in that area,” stated Anderson. The University of Iowa’s medical school also known as Carver does tie for the number 20 spot amongst medical schools for primary care.  

Iowa State strives for a strong community between its staff and students. Although they are lesser known for their sports, they place their efforts towards technology, engineering and science. Ranking 43rd nationally in engineering schools. 

Senior Sri Ganesh applied to Iowa and ISU this year, but is leaning towards ISU.“Both are very good schools, but Iowa State, their engineering program is well known and a respected program,” stated Ganesh. 

At Iowa, there is a more diverse demographic on campus, with more foreign exchange students studying at the school. Students that attend The University of Iowa are about 69 percent Caucasian students and almost 8 percent are foreign exchange students. Nearly 8 percent Hispanic or Latino, around 4 percent Asian and about 3 percent are black. ISU has about 75 percent Caucasian, 6 percent foreign exchange, 6 percent Hispanic or Latino, 3.5 percent Asian and 3 percent black students that attend.

AlthoughIowa State has low diversity rates they give many scholarship opportunities to people of color including the Multicultural and The George Washington Carver. These programs give out four years, full-tuition scholarships out to students that have a racial background. Additionally, Iowa State is the only major football university that has its stadium named after an African American — Jack Trice.  This shows their strive for equality

With low tuition, being close to home and the nationally ranked programs, both schools are popular among Iowans.