Can the yearbook survive COVID-19?


Ethan Stigler

Last year event cancellations did happen, yet the yearbook staff was still able to make a great yearbook!

Ethan Stigler, PV Only Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for PVHS’ yearbook committee including the cancellations of events, new mandates for schools and workplaces and being stuck at home. It has also been a challenge for them to attain pictures.

While it is hard to get pictures with event cancellation, the yearbook team is prepared to deal with things like cancellation even if it means it could look a little different.

Ella Litchfield, the editor in chief of the yearbook, has strategies to cope with the pandemic’s many challenges. “Luckily, we’ve had a lot of practice with creating spreads in the event of a cancellation,” Litchfield said. “I feel that we are prepared to come up with a back up spread in case of a cancellation because we had to deal with it last year.” When needed, they can use other photos and use them to create a detailed page.

Senior Parker Sutherland brought up the issue of how masks can affect pictures. People’s faces will be covered at events and will add strangeness to this yearbook when compared to previous years.

Photos have been hard for the yearbook to obtain this year as well, as they are now only allotted one photographer per event.  “We have one person who goes in and is away from everyone else,” Litchfield stated. 

On Nov. 10 Kim Reynolds changed crowd laws to only allow for the parents of competing athletes to attend sporting events. This will drastically change the yearbook’s coverage of events as there will no longer be students in the crowd rooting for their friends.

Even with Kim Reynolds new legislation they are able to go to these events to capture photos.

This year has been challenging for most. However, the yearbook staff has an even more difficult task this year compared to previous years. The staff must come up with solutions to the problems COVID-19 has created. The yearbook is certain to be different than ever before.