Gov. Kim Reynolds new mandates have big effects on high school sports

Kim Reynolds held a virtual press conference on Nov. 10 to address the state about the new mandates regarding sports

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Kim Reynolds held a virtual press conference on Nov. 10 to address the state about the new mandates regarding sports

Michael VanDerSchaaf, Sports Editor

On Nov. 10, Iowa’s governor Kim Reynold announced new restrictions on high school sports. This came as a shock to many as the state had allowed many fans at games during the fall sports season.

These new restrictions include a ticket system which allows each athlete to have two representatives at the game. The proclamation also prohibits cheerleaders from traveling to away games and teams from riding in school transportation after a game.

The Pleasant Valley boys basketball team typically brings in a large amount of fans during their games, but will be limited to less than 50 fans this year. Senior Jacob Townsend was upset about the new system regarding his final season. “Two tickets is obviously not what we were looking for when it comes to fans,” said Townsend. “I still look forward to this season with my teammates though.”

Kim Reynolds left open the possibility of changing the rules after Dec. 12, but until COVID-19 numbers drop across the state, players have to get used to having small crowds for the first part of the season.

Although Townsend is upset with the restrictions, he has tried to stay optimistic about having a season in the first place. “I would take zero tickets as long as I get to play my senior season and keep everyone safe,” noted Townsend.

High school sports did not take the hardest hit from the new restrictions. Reynolds halted all club sports and sports at junior high and elementary schools. This sits in place for at least two weeks until the state reevaluates on Dec. 12

The Pleasant Valley girls basketball team was also struck by this unfortunate news. Senior basketball player Isabel Russmann was saddened to hear this news from the governor. “It really upset me when I heard the news about the two tickets,” said Russmann. “Especially since it’s my senior season and I want students to be able to come to our games.”

The only thing that winter athletes can do right now is continue to practice their sport and stay safe. They can keep their hopes up about opening up restrictions in the coming weeks, but until then their focus should be on playing their best game in front of the limited crowd.