Foreign adventures persist: PV international travel remains hopeful


Stephnie Risius

PV students standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on their trip to Europe in 2019.

Akash Pradeep, Feature Editor

In past years, PV students have taken spring or summer trips to places such as Peru, Spain, Greece and more. With COVID-19 limiting many travel agencies, these trips are very difficult to carry out. 

However, PV is still leading these exhibitions, with an upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand planned for June 2021. PV spanish teacher Stephanie Risius usually leads these trips and is remaining optimistic.

“I am fairly optimistic about summer travel – a bit less optimistic for spring break travels.  We don’t have a kid trip planned – I have an adult trip planned to Rome,” shared Risius.

Furthermore, Risius explained the precautions that the travel company that she plans trips with, is taking. “The tour company has been very proactive with regards to safety, but as they have not sent any travelers out since the beginning of March. It’s kind of a waiting game to see what specific protocols they will enact,” she detailed.

 International travel is very exciting for students, because it allows them to visit new countries and spend time with their friends. In addition, many students go on these trips to volunteer at other schools and institutions. 

Senior Allison Suen plans to travel to Australia in 2021. “It makes me feel better that specific plans are in place if there are changes in the situation, because traveling involves a lot of risks. However, the tour company’s assurance and plans make me feel safer,” she said.

Senior Sid Sharma, who had planned to go on the Peru trip  summer of 2020, was a bit upset when he heard it was cancelled, however is glad trips are still going on. “I was pretty bummed that I could not go this year, but I understand the decision. But with the upcoming trips planned for Australia, I am glad it’s happening,” he described. 

For many students, these trips are a way to explore other countries, learn about the culture and have a vacation all at the same time.These trips are things that both students and teachers look forward to as the destinations and experiences are once in a lifetime opportunities. Even after this year, the school is planning trips, with destinations such as Spain and more Peru included.