Games to Entertain your Dog


Jordan Neymeyer

Dogs can easily get bored home alone. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to give them enough attention. By getting creative, your furry friend can have fun even while you’re away from home

Amelia Prescher, Infographics Manager

Busy schedules tend to leave dogs bored and lonely at home. Luckily there are some games to keep your furry friends entertained while you’re away from home. Here are five ways to keep your pets entertained.

1.Sowing seeds

This outdoor game stimulates your dog’s sense of smell while keeping the dog on their toes. The game involves spreading treats around the backyard. The dog is then supposed to scavenge for the treats by using its sense of smell. If the outdoors is not an option, then you can still hide treats indoors but preferably with the lights off so that the dog does not see the treats.

2.Food dispensing toys

These boredom relievers can keep a dog occupied for hours. Furthermore, these toys relieve excessive energy and fast eating. If you do not want to buy them at the store, all you need to do is fill an empty water bottle with dog treats. Once they are in, cut holes the same size as the treats.

3.The shell game

This game requires a person and a dog to participate, alongside dog treats and three cups. Place the dog treats into only one of the three cups and mix the cups around the floor. The dog then has to guess which cups have the treats by using their nose. 

4.Rope toys

These types of toys both stimulate dog owners and pets and strengthens bond between the two if practiced regularly. These toys can be used for fetch to tug of war to simply just being a chew toy for your pets. These games involve mental and physical stimulation and can help relieve excess energy that is found in younger dogs.

5.Obedience exercises

These exercises only need to take place 20 minutes a day to improve your dog’s skills. Practicing obedience with your dog has been proven to lower separation anxiety and strengthen bond between the dog owner. Some essential dog demands to train your dogs are sit, down, stay, come, heel, off and no.