Is PV wasting seniors’ time?


Paris Fietsam

5th period study hall has over 80 students, many of them being seniors.

Paris Fietsam, Social Media Manager

With the 100 percent in-person learning model being introduced only a few weeks before the return, the PV staff and administration had little time to create schedules for students. 

This quick turnaround led to a large number of seniors having multiple study halls throughout the day, causing a significant amount of frustration among students. There is no reason students should have three study halls back to back or sprinkled throughout the day, instead of getting the chance to leave early or come to school later. 

Some students have only one study hall during the day, while some have up to four. Many students feel as though they should be given all their classes back to back and have the chance to allocate the rest of their time how they would like. 

Additionally, very few students actually get work done in study hall due to a variety of factors: being surrounded by friends, too much noise or too many distractions. Wasting hours just sitting in a cafeteria instead of working on homework at home, where there are fewer distractions, is becoming a big issue for some people. 

Senior Lily Barrett has two study halls and is frustrated with her schedule. “I think study hall should be an option, at least for seniors. We should have the option to do our work at home,” she stated. 

“I almost never get homework done in study hall. I rarely ever have homework I can get done, especially because I usually need to print stuff off for my homework but there’s no point spending money to print at the school,” she continued

Senior Ella Speich has three study halls throughout her day. “I would definitely get more work done in an hour at home than here. There are way too many distractions here and it makes it hard to focus,” she explained.

While senior year is stressful, especially as senior students navigate the year with an ongoing pandemic,  many wish that the school could at least work with seniors to make the rest of their school year simpler.

Students should be able to have their classes back to back with study halls at the beginning or end of the day. There is no reason a student should be at school for seven hours for four hours of class.