Becoming champions: How Derek Stecklein changes the game for PV baseball


Melissa Clemons

Derek Stecklein with PV baseball’s committed seniors to play collegiate level baseball.

Alex Clemons, Sports Editor

Derek Stecklein with PV baseball’s committed seniors to play collegiate level baseball.Head PV Baseball Coach Derek Stecklein has been in his position for two seasons. So far, he is two for two leading his team to the state tournament.

The teams that Stecklein have been producing are championship level teams. With just these past two years, he has already doubled the number of times PV baseball has been to state. When Stecklein joined the program, the last time PV Baseball had been to state was 2003, and then only one other time before that. 

Stecklein is not focused on the wins and championships, though. During his time as coach, Stecklein has implemented an environment in the PV program to produce “good men.” He believes that if his program produces respectful individuals, the wins and championships will be a by-product. 

Some other changes Stecklein made to the program are to replicate a game-like atmosphere during practice. “Our drills are meant to be run at full speed with challenges throughout,” he elaborated. 

Another change Stecklein has brought is the increased accountability he demands from his players. “Each year we meet with the seniors before the season and then after the season. We reflect on what worked and what did not,” Stecklein explained. “We are always trying to learn as a staff to help equip our young men with the tools to be successful after baseball.” 

Jack Young, a PV baseball alumni, played under both Stecklein and the previous head coach. Young noticed some differences between each coach. “The biggest difference I saw was the connection between players and coaches. Steck did an amazing job for having a great connection with his players, as well as producing a great connection from player and player,” he shared. 

Young also noted how efficient Stecklein was as a coach. “Coach Steck’s approach when it came to practice was very time oriented and got the most done in the time we had” Young said. Using his time efficiently, has led to Stecklein producing championship level teams. 

Stecklein creates responsibility for his players and produces all around good men. The implements that he has created produces strong teams and even stronger relationships between players and between coaches. Stecklein will be looking for a third state qualification this upcoming season.