Top five school lunches


Beth Mooy

There are plenty of great lunches at PV, here’s a list of the best!

Alex Thorne, Business Manager

School lunches are fairly sub-par in quality from time to time in the United States. However, the kitchen staff at Pleasant Valley does cook up some rather delicious, but undoubtedly detrimental, cuisine. 


Each individual has their favorites, ranging from Nachos to Pork Patties. Despite this, a list has been compiled of the most renowned and commonly desired lunches.


Pasta Bar

Coming in at the 5 spot on this list, Pasta Bar is always well regarded. Students get the choice of different kinds of noodles, meats, and sauces each time. While there are some students who swear to never get the dish, most would say it is one of the best.


Spicy Chicken Wrap 

One may want to grab a water while waiting in line for the 4th best lunch at PV, Spicy Chicken Wrap. The strips inside have a heat to them unmatched by any other lunch, always fulfilling a midday pick-me-up for students.


Papa John’s Pizza

#3 is Papa John’s Pizza, which is an easy choice. The choice of Cheese, Pepperoni, or Sausage adds just enough variety to keep students asking for more. 


Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl

One may want to leave class a little early on Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl day. As the 2nd best lunch, Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl produces a bigger and bigger line every time it is served to students.


Chick-Fil-A Day

There is no school lunch served less than Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches.. Accompanied by the taste of victory, the best lunch at PV is only served once a year pending a win in the local hunger drive. While the kitchen crew likes to make sure people only eat two, many students cheat the system to appease their hunger.