Top 5 summer foods

Seth Clausen, Photo Manager

With the summer coming up for all Pleasant Valley students, it’s going to be important to have lots of snacks to enjoy in the heat and nice weather. These foods are going to be the best treats to eat up until next school year when we’re all busy with homework and studying. Take this opportunity to learn about some comfort foods to eat on break!


#1- Bomb Pop: These delicious and cold treats are the perfect cold snack to have under the sun rays of summer. The three flavors that come in a bomb pop are unmatched by any other popsicle brand. This holds an age old question: Which color tastes the best?


#2- S’mores: It is almost an undoubted fact that every highschooler will be in attendance at at least one bonfire. S’mores are a treat that almost every kid grows up loving. This is a snack that will take you back in time to your childhood. Not only is this a snack, but a competition among friends to see who can cook the best marshmallow. 


#3- Hot Dog: Hot dogs are a perfect food to sit down and eat at a school sporting event this summer. In fact, baseball games are known for selling hot dogs and beer. High school students may want to replace the beverage with water or gatorade. Nothing says summer quite like a hotdog on a warm night.


#4- Watermelon: This snack is the perfect one for you health freaks out there. Not only is it healthy, but also a refreshing and delicious option. There is nothing like cutting into a melon in the midst of summer while laying out in the sun. This is also a great way to get health benefits to maintain the summer body!


#5- Ice Cream: This is an original food that everyone loves. Pleasant Valley students are lucky enough to have a great ice cream joint like Whitey’s that serves just about any flavor you can think of. Although ice cream isn’t great for you, it is never bad for your mental health to have a scoop or two from the local business.