The four best places to study that are not coffee shops


Campbell Wolfe

Senior Lily Dumas hammocks and journals in Devils Glen park.

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager

A typical high schooler’s life revolves around their next big test or their constant math homework. Students end up flocking to various coffee shops around the Quad Cities to try and find some peace and quiet outside their houses to study. These coffee shops turn out to be noisy and expensive, leaving students with no work accomplished and an overpriced coffee. Many find themselves bored and lacking motivation because of their usual routine. Check out some of the best places to study other than coffee shops.

Local Parks

Although the Quad Cities is not necessarily known for its landscape, many parks in the area provide beautiful views and a peaceful studying environment. Wildcat Den in Muscatine is a little bit of a drive away, but the stunning views makes it all worth it. Aside from its amazing hiking trails, it has all kinds of benches and tables to make studying in nature possible. For some beautiful nature a little bit closer to home, try Devils Glen park. There are plenty of benches to study along the creek. There are a lot of trees that are great to hang a hammock on and read. 

Bettendorf Public Library – 

The Bettendorf Public Library not only provides excellent resources for research, but it also is a great place to find some peace and quiet. All one needs to do to use this space is apply for a free library card. Senior Mattie Moats enjoys studying at the library. “I recently got a library card and at first was only gonna use it to go check out books, but then I really liked the environment and have studied there a couple times,” she said

Utilize the school – 

One of the best places to study is at school. The Commons is open before and after school providing a comfortable place to get some work done. The library is a great place to find some focus when the study hall is too loud. Taking advantage of the resources the school provides is a great way to get work done. 

Study at a Friends house – 

Sometimes all a student needs is to get out of the house for a change of scenery. Getting together to study at a friend’s house is not only fun but changes up your routine to help you focus. When students fall into a routine of studying at the same time at the same place every day, it becomes exhausting. Switching it up in even the slightest ways is a great way to find motivation to do school work. 

When motivation is lost, sometimes all that is needed is a change in routine. Next time you go study, consider getting work done at one of these locations.