Girls Edition: Last minute Halloween costume ideas


Julia Buettner

Recreate another group’s Halloween costume idea with this trio of lifeguard costumes from a previous Halloween season.

Isa Burkhart, Copy Editor

With Halloween coming up shortly at the end of this week, it’s time to crack down on finding that perfect Halloween costume this spooky season. From TV shows to princesses to scary clowns, this Halloween costume should be perfect for you! Here’s five last minute Halloween costumes to spark your imagination. 

  1. Princess
    1. Whether it’s from your favorite video game or the hit-show “Bridgerton”, princess wear has made a comeback in 2021. Take on a classic video game with Princess Peach or Princess Daisy, or even channel your inner Disney with 14 different princesses to choose from. 
  2. Fairy
    1. If you’re not feeling the princess vibe, use this spin on the classic look of a dress and heels: Fairies. We all remember the whimsical “Tinkerbell” movie series we dreamed about as little girls. Now, it’s time for “Tinkerbell” to become a little more grown up. Head to your favorite online shopping store, get those fairy wings and make sure to pay for express shipping! Tink and her six best friends leave unique costume ideas to fit your personal style. 
  3. Throwback
    1. If you’re really stumped on costume ideas, create a nostalgic picture by recreating an old Halloween costume from your childhood. Hit the scrapbooks and find a picture to recreate with your now grown-up self. This is sure to be a tearjerker for the family.
  4. Killer 
    1. Halloween is all about the candy, the fun, the costumes and most importantly the scares! With thousands of horror movies and classic spooky costumes, the possibilities are endless with a scary Halloween costume. From Michael Myers to Pennywise the dancing clown to even the original ghost costume, find the right mix of gore, scare and fun for you during this spooky season. 
  5. TV
    1. Turn on your TV remote or bring yourself to Netflix to search for another amazing costume idea. Your favorite TV show is a great place to look for a costume. It doesn’t matter if it’s the main character or a supporting side character, recreate an outfit of theirs to achieve the perfect match!

With the endless possibilities for Halloween costumes to match your own individual personality, hopefully these ideas sparked your imagination. Head to Amazon, Target, the Goodwill and even your own closet to search for that perfect costume. If you’re shopping online, don’t forget to expedite that shipping!