A gift guide for the friend who has nothing on their Christmas list


Alyssa Smith

These 9 gifts are perfect to put under the tree this Christmas.

Alyssa Smith, Social Media Manager

Everyone has that one friend who insists they don’t want anything for the holidays. Feeling a little lost on what to get them? Check out these nine gifts that anybody is sure to love.

Le Creuset Cookware 

This company offers something for every home chef. Their classic, colorful, enameled cast iron dishes are sure to impress and last a lifetime. For something budget friendly, check out their square baking dishes or ramekins. For something a little pricey but worth the money, take a look at the beloved Dutch ovens. 

House plants

A simple house plant can really freshen and brighten up a space, making for a great gift. Keeping the pot unique and personal really seals the deal. 

Custom map print

This is a nice, heartwarming gift for that friend moving away to college next year. A map of their hometown or new college town is great decor to hang in a dorm. 

A Book Embosser

This is a great gift for a bookworm or a new homeowner. This gift adds a nice personal touch to anyone’s library. It is customizable on Etsy with plenty of designs to choose from. 


Almost everybody always has room for a new mug in their collection. There are plenty of inexpensive cute mugs at stores like Target and TJMaxx. The mugs from the Magnolia Home collection at Target are trendy and simple. For those who like to stay sustainable, the thrift store always has a collection of unique mugs. 

Donate to a charity in their name

This is an amazing gift to those who truly do not want anything. Plenty of places are in need of donations. Picking a place that connects to their loves and passions makes a meaningful gift. 

Tickets to a show or game

Tickets to a basketball game of their alma mater or their future college make for a perfect gift for a sports lover. If sports are not their forte, check out local plays and comedy shows they may be interested in. 

A Gift Card

This is a last resort, but there are still ways to make it personal. A gift card to a nice restaurant or their favorite store is always appreciated. For something more unique, a gift card to a salon or spa is a great way to gift a relaxing experience. 

There is something to fit any budget while also pleasing anybody. These gifts are great ways to impress friends and family.