Top 9 upcoming animes of 2022


Heath Rice

Streaming Services like “CrunchyRoll” and “Funimation” are releasing a plethora of new content in 2022 as fans prepare for the return of their favorite shows.

Heath Rice, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After last year’s amazing series, shows and moments, 2021 was a hard year to top in the anime industry. Luckily new titles and returns have fans ready to turn on the tv. 2022 seems to surpass all previous years with amazing titles dropping this winter, spring and fall. Here are just a few of the newest titles arriving this year. 

  • Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2– The world renowned titan-slashing anime has finally hit its final season. The show is known for its beautiful animation and visually-mesmerizing fights. As the manga came to an end last year, the anime plans to do the same in its final season. Fans are hesitant due to the heavy CGI work done by MAPPA to titans in comparison to the past three seasons which were done by Witt Studios. Despite this, millions of AOT fans are hopeful for the final trial of Eren Yeager and the whole world. 


  •  Bleach– After its 10 year break, Bleach returns this Spring in its 1,000-year war arc. Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute soul reaper, returns to television in his biggest battle yet. After his near-death encounter with the Espada and Aizen, Ichigo begins his new journey. 


  • Rising of the Shield Hero– Unfortunately due to complications, the release of season two was pushed back to 2022, but fans still await this amazing fantasy anime. The show revolves around the cardinal hero of the frowned upon Shield who fights to protect those who persecute him. The show is an amazing blend of dark fantasy and warm-hearted moments that keep any viewer pleased. 


  • Spy X Family– This brilliant mix of Genre and Genre is a fan favorite in the manga aisles. After its mainstream manga popularity, the show was given a release date sometime in April of 2022. 


  • Shikimoris Not Just a Cutie– This popular romance manga with a twist has been a widespread success in the past years. The anime adaptation will hopefully hit screens sometime this year. The story takes a traditional romance story and flips it on its head as the gender roles are somewhat reversed. Shikmori, a kind and lovely girlfriend, can also be a strong and powerful protector for those she loves. Fans are ecstatic to see an amazing manga finally hit streaming services. 


  • My Hero Season 6– After the groundbreaking season five of My Hero Academia, the series will hopefully return sometime in October 2022. After the villain arc finished, the Paranormal Liberation Arc will start off the season. Fans of the manga are absolutely thrilled to see their favorite fights finally animated as the war rages on. 


  • Jujutsu Kaisen 0– This movie technically released in December to Japanese theaters but doesn’t have a specific release date set for international viewing. The film revolves around the first volume of the manga, volume zero which is a side story. Rather than focusing on Itadori’s quest for the 20 fingers of Sukuna, it revolves around Yuta Okkotsu and the mysteriously powerful curse that protects him. 


  • A couple Of Cuckoos– This bizarre and unique anime will hit streaming services later this year. This popular romance manga is unlike any other on the market and beautifully blends comedy, romance and beautiful artwork. Hopefully the show comes out as beautifully animated as many of Synergy SP’s other works. 


  • Dragon Ball Super Movie– On April 22, 2022, National Goku Day, a new title in the DragonBall franchise will be released in theaters. This movie will follow the Dragon Ball Super timeline as a new threat in the form of superheroes puts the universe at risk. The beautifully animated release trailer that launched in 2021 has fans around the globe ecstatic. Unfortunately, the April date is only for Japanese theaters, but the film should release sometime in 2022 internationally. 


Overall 2022 seems to be a promising year full of promising shows. Fans all across the globe are excited for the new additions to entertainment in the coming months.