Top 5 things to keep in your car during the winter


Photo by Eilis Garvey via

Keeping items in your car like a scraper and snow brush can come handy in situations such as getting unexpected snow off your car.

Mukul Kulkarni, Copy Editor

The winter season makes for a very unpredictable driving experience. Driving in winter can be a pain, especially when snow is notorious for making drivers lose control of their vehicles, resulting in cars getting stuck in ditches and pileups. Additionally, most cars break down during this season. Whatever the circumstance may be, preparing for these unfortunate events is a must and will make things easier. Here is a list of five things you can keep in your car in the winter. 

  • Shovel/scraper – This is one of the most vital and useful things to keep in your car during winter. When you park your car in freezing temperatures, there is a risk that the windows get frosted over or there is a small layer of snow or ice. Keeping an ice scraper/snow brush in your car can allow you to easily clean the windows, mirrors and lights before driving.


  • First aid kit – This is another must-have item for your car regardless of the season. In case of emergency, easy access to bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze and other items you deem useful goes a long way. In the winter, emergency vehicle response time may be longer than usual if it is snowing or the road conditions are bad, so this basic first aid can help in the meantime. 


  • Jumper cables – The car’s battery is responsible for starting the car’s engine. Cold weather is infamous for affected batteries. Although dead batteries can occur more frequently in the winter, they can easily be jump started using jumper cables. 


  • Rock salt, sand or kitty litter – Spreading these materials near your tires can give them traction to grip to get out of slippery conditions. Plus, the bags in the trunk provide additional weight for rear-wheel vehicles to gain traction on slippery roads. 


  • Extra food/water – Getting trapped in your car is a rare occurrence but could still happen. Specifically on highways, people can get trapped in their cars when highways close unexpectedly. Keeping non-perishable foods and extra water is a good idea so you will not have to worry about being hungry in the car if you are waiting for a tow truck or you are stuck on the highway. 

This is a list of recommended things that people should carry in their cars if possible. Obviously, as there is limited space in the trunks or in the car, all of these items may not fit. However, steps to be ready for winter driving conditions are a must since anything can happen when driving.