New Amazon Facility set to be built in Davenport: What does this mean for the local economy?


Alvaro Ibanez

Amazon’s new fulfillment center in Davenport is set to open this spring.

Carson Knebel, Student Life Editor

When Davenport, Iowa’s new Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Center opens this spring, it will have a large effect on the economy of the Quad Cities. It is set to create over 1,000 new full-time jobs which will make it the 16th largest employer in the Quad Cities. Wages at the new facility will start at $15 per hour.

With so many jobs being created in the Quad City area, it will likely have a large impact on the local job market.  This will lead to demand for workers increasing, creating competition between companies to obtain workers. Because of this, it is possible that other large employers such as Alcoa and John Deere will find themselves losing employees to Amazon. This will most likely cause an increase in wages for workers in other corporations due to higher competition and demand for them.

Not only will this site create a large amount of jobs and create competition in the job market, but it will also help consumers who purchase Amazon products. “The site will help us continue to serve customers with great delivery options. We appreciate the support from state and local leaders who have made Amazon’s growth in Iowa possible,” stated regional public relations manager for Amazon, Caitlin Polochak. 

Although many are excited about the positive effects the new Amazon Facility will bring to the Quad Cities, there are some questions about how it will affect the agriculture industry. The 640,000 square foot building is located in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center where it will span over 158 acres.

Many are upset about this because it is being built on good soil that could have been used for farming. Even more of this soil will be built over by the new roads leading up to the fulfillment center as well. “The agricultural community will definitely be affected by the ground the Amazon building has taken up,” said senior Brandon Benson.

Local 4 news reporter Johnathon Turner has dubbed Amazon’s new development as “the largest economic development project in QC history.” With a company as large as Amazon opening an establishment in the Quad Cities, it is certain that the economy will continue to grow in the area.