Alien Door found on Mars: could extraterrestrial life be out there somewhere?


ESA & MPS for OSIRIS Team (Wikipedia)

An “alien door” found on mars leaves many wondering if extraterrestrial life is out there.

Carson Knebel, Student Life Editor

Over the last couple of weeks, the internet has lost their minds over what looks to be a doorway cut into a cliff on Mars. It was discovered, and the images were captured by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. 

The rover captured the image of the “alien door” on May 7, 2022 while exploring the gale crater. NASA was quick to shut down the internet buzz that the alien door stirred up. “These kinds of open fractures are common in bedrock, both on Earth and on Mars,” NASA announced.

Although this news may have disappointed many alien believers, it really does raise a question: Does extraterrestrial life exist out there somewhere? It is a really interesting question that space experts have been pondering for quite some time now.

NASA has sent four rovers to Mars in search of life that have found multiple signs of evidence of potential life on Mars billions of years ago. Senior Aidan Kilstrom thinks extraterrestrial life could certainly exist. “Aliens are surely out there. No doubt about it. I think the reason we haven’t had any striking evidence of these aliens is because considering the age of the universe, the lack of hyper advanced telescopes and the massive size of the universe, there is no chance we can even scrape the surface of space exploration,” stated Kilstrom

At this point in time, we have only extensively studied the planets that are within a 3,000 light year radius of us in our own galaxy. And in that radius, we have already found planets that may be inhabitable by humans. Now think about this…. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years in diameter, so we have truly not even explored a considerable percentage of our own galaxy. Not to mention there are millions to billions of galaxies in our universe. 

The percentage of what we have been able to explore is so minuscule, our human brains cannot comprehend what we have yet to see. Senior Jett Herrera thinks it is unlikely that other living creatures are out there. “The likelihood that aliens are out there has to be so low. I know there is a ton of space that has yet to be explored, but the likelihood that the right molecules came together to form life on other planets just seems very unlikely to me,” said Hererra.

With billions and billions and billions of other planets in the universe, and us having only explored such a small portion of it, it is certainly possible that extraterrestrial life could be out there somewhere.