Best graduation gifts


Tasnim News Agency via Wikipedia

Graduating seniors often receive parting gifts from family and friends, but coming up with gift ideas can be a challenge.

Lauren Anderson, Copy Editor

Year after year, graduates celebrate their departure from high school by throwing a party or sending out announcement cards. These gestures are meant to commemorate the graduate, and guests often bring a gift of some sort for the student before they are sent off to college. While no gift goes unappreciated, here is a list of some of the best gifts for graduating students. 


Whether sent in the form of cash, checks or Visa gift cards, students love money. Money gives students the ability to spend or save their gift however they choose, whether this entails new dorm necessities or new clothing. 

2. Common Dorm Necessities 

Dorm rooms often lack the space that most students have in their rooms at home, meaning new decor or organizers are needed. Giving graduates gifts such as additional storage cabinets, a minifridge or artwork gives grads one less thing to worry about when shopping for their new dorms. 

3. A Tool Box 

Although this gift may seem a bit unorthodox, students often find themselves in need of tools. “[A tool box] is the most useful thing I’ve ever gotten,” California Lutheran sophomore Jenna Starn said. “Everyone on our floor always comes and asks to borrow it.” 

4. Gift cards to school-specific locations 

Students love to get out and explore the area, and gift cards to surrounding stores or restaurants gives students a reason to discover nearby businesses. Giving graduates a small amount of money at a variety of places gives students a reason to support local businesses.

5. School spirit wear 

College bookstores are often quite expensive, so it is unlikely that students will find themselves shopping there on a regular basis for new apparel. Giving graduates spirit wear is a way to get them excited about their next four years, whether the gift is in the form of a shirt, hat or backpack. 

The options for grad gifts are endless, and students are always on the lookout for different, exciting gifts. If you are unsure where to start, any of the gifts listed above are usually a safe bet that new college students will both love and utilize.