Top 5 Decks in Clash Royale

Clash Royale remains one of the most popular games in PVHS. In this top 5, you may find a deck to help you become the best player in the school.

Daniel Marshall

Clash Royale remains one of the most popular games in PVHS. In this top 5, you may find a deck to help you become the best player in the school.

Daniel Marshall, Multimedia Manager

For several years, Clash Royale has defended its place as one of the top mobile games at PVHS, and its signature deck-building feature offers near-limitless creativity.

In Clash Royale, using a strong deck can increase your chances of victory. As of today, here are some of the latest and greatest decks in Clash Royale. Whether you are a veteran or someone who just plays the game for fun, getting those crowns has never been easier.

P.E.K.K.A Bridgespam

If you are tired of all those mega knights plaguing your games, this is the deck for you. This deck usually includes PEKKA, Battle Ram, Poison, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Electro Wizard, Zap, and Magic Archer. The core gameplay of this deck revolves around waiting for an opponent to make a mistake, then punishing their lack of elixir with a strong counter attack.

In single elixir, it’s best to play slow and reveal the opponent’s hand before making any commitments, saving PEKKA only when necessary. When Double elixir hits, start laying on the pressure, attacking both lanes and watching for big investments from the opponent. If you manage to catch them at an elixir deficit, the battle will quickly turn in your favor. 

Mega Knight Bait

Although the name includes Mega Knight, don’t be fooled. The strength of this deck lies within the ability to deal consistent chip damage with miners and cards weak to small spells. With its core consisting of Mega Knight, Miner, Inferno Dragon, Spear Goblins, Bats, Skeleton Barrel, Giant Snowball and Goblin Gang, no cheap spell will be able to hold you back. 

Your goal with this deck is to consistently apply pressure to elicit a response from the opponent, whether to prevent them from creating a large elixir investment with heavy troops or trying to get counters out of the enemy hand. Skeleton Barrel is a great opener as it will usually force the opponent’s spell, allowing you to punish with a miner combined with small troops to charge in while the enemy princess tower is distracted. When all else fails, you still have your Mega Knight as a safety net.

Bowler Balloon Freeze

If you want to lose all of your friends, this is the perfect deck for you. This deck includes Lumberjack, Balloon, Inferno Dragon, Bowler, Electro Dragon, Tornado, Barbarian Barrel and the infamous freeze spell. In single elixir, it is best to play slow and reveal the opponent’s hand, but you can still punish large investments with a lumberjack balloon in the opposite lane for an early crown.

In double elixir, the potential of the deck is unlocked. With the abundance of heavy troops, the opponent can become quickly overwhelmed if they do not know how to defend. When in doubt, a quick freeze spell will always do the trick if you face another deck with counters to your balloon. Although the deck is not very difficult, you may experience difficulty repairing any burned bridges after winning a duel.

Log Bait

Known as a staple across many of the top leaderboards, Log Bait remains a solid choice in the current competitive environment. The deck is most commonly run with Princess, The Log, Knight, Inferno Tower, Ice Spirit, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel and Rocket. As the name implies, your primary objective is to use cheap troops such as Princess and Goblin Gang to bait out the opponent’s Log. 

Your win condition is the Goblin Barrel, a cheap 3-elixir card that can deal hundreds of damage if left ignored. Your ability to deal damage to towers lies with how well you can trick your opponent and cycle your Goblin Barrel. If the enemy is using heavy troops, you can apply constant pressure at the bridge to prevent large investments, while also defending with cheap troops or a quick inferno tower to always grab those positive elixir trades. The rocket also deals significant damage to both troops and towers, so it is not a bad idea to cycle rockets on the enemy tower if you need that extra damage to win the match. 

X-bow Cycle

Why waste your time reaching for the enemy towers when you can destroy them without ever leaving your side of the arena? If you have ever asked this question, this is the deck for you. 

Featuring the cards of X-bow, Archers, Knight, Electro Spirit, Skeletons, Log, Fireball and Tesla, you will almost always have Xbow on hand. The playstyle is fast paced and tests your ability to quickly cycle cheap one elixir cards to always have a certain card in hand. Applying constant pressure during a single elixir is important since the opponent will not have as much time to defend your X-Bows. This deck excels at punishing heavy investments from the opponent

A notable interaction against players with Golem decks in single elixir is to play X-Bow in the opposite lane after the opponent makes a notable investment. If they deploy any four elixir cards or higher, such as a Night Witch, they will not have enough elixir to deploy their golem on defense. The deck is played best when you can use your cheap cards to out-cycle the opponent’s counter to your X-Bow, and use that opportunity to rack up damage against them. 

If you want to up your game, consider trying one of these decks. The chosen cards in each deck are not set in stone, so substitutions can be made as long as the core gameplay of the deck itself does not change. Whether you enjoy slamming your opponent with heavy troops or winning games through quick precision, Clash Royale always has options for every type of player.