Top 5 Diss Tracks

Oskar Barudin, Business Manager

This year is nearing the six year anniversary of many diss tracks from the era on YouTube, highlighting public affairs Youtubers had with one another. Influencers from all over the world took part in these disses to try and win the popularity war between each other and come out on top. Here is a look at the top seven  diss tracks from the era.

5.Ricegum “God Church”

This song by Ricegum is aimed at Youtuber, Tanner Fox. After songs back and forth between these two Youtubers, Ricegum released this diss track. The diss features Ricegum’s life, showing off his luxurious house, cars and clothes. 

4.Tanner Fox “We Do It Best”

“We do it Best” was the song by Tanner Fox, released in 2017 aimed towards Ricegum, another Youtuber. Tanners shows himself vandalizing cars and making multiple remarks about  how much he hates Ricegum. Tanner also brings up his rapid success at a young age, as he was just 17 years old at the time of release. 

3.Jake Paul “It’s Everyday Bro”

Currently a boxer, Jake Paul is focusing on a different lifestyle; however flashback five years ago, Jake Paul released one of the most well known disses of his generation. Paul shows off his success, especially obtaining five million subscribers in six months, which according to Paul has been “never done before,” as he creeps up on more subscribers. Paul also films himself driving in super-cars and wearing luxury and expensive watches. 

2.Logan Paul “The Fall of Jake Paul”

The other half of these internet brothers is Logan Paul, currently a boxer, who dropped this track at his little brother Jake. As the brothers were fighting for fame, they did everything they could—releasing merchandise and buying the most expensive items— to strive for superiority over the other. trying to help Logan grow his name and channel, Alyssa Violet, an ex-girlfriend of Jake’s, joined the diss track in the second half and attacked Jake.

1.Ricegum and Alissa Violet “It’s Every Night Sis”

The greatest YouTube diss track of its era is from Youtubers Alyssa Violet and previously mentioned Ricegum. In the video, the ex-girlfriend and internet rival of Jake Paultakes a stab at him. As an actor for the Disney TV show Bizaardvark, Jake is mocked  for the relevance of the show. The diss also features a luxurious house belonging to Ricegum, worth an estimated $12.5 million.