Top 5 Disney Movies


Luci Patel, Innovation Manager

1.Princess and the Frog

This family friendly movie is set in New Orleans during the 1920s and tells the story of Tiana, a hardworking young girl working towards her dreams. However, her goals take a turn when she meets Prince Naveen, who was turned into a frog due to a spell. Hoping to break the spell, Prince Naveen kisses Tiana. This leads to Tiana turning into a frog as well, and the beginning of their journey to break the spell they’re in.


2. Lion King

Lion King is an emotional rollercoaster that follows the life of a young lion Simba. After the tragic death of his father which is falsely blamed on him, Simba runs away to hide in the jungle. He finds a new meaning in the words “Hakuna Matata”, no worries,  which pushes him to lead a new life. But his old life is not too far gone as it comes back to haunt him. 


3. Moana

Moana spent her entire life longing to explore the vast ocean that surrounds the island she calls home. With her father being the chief, Moana is completely banned from going further than the reef. Unable to suppress her dreams, Moana ventures out into the unknown where she meets an unlikely partner and together they set out on an unusual adventure.  


4. Hercules

The son of a god is now surrounded by pure mortals to live as a half-man and half-god. As he grows into his powers and his true identity, Hercules goes on a cosmic journey to his passage into Mount Olympus. Along the way he is challenged by the god Hades and meets the beautiful Meg who enchants his world. 


5. Atlantis 

Inexperienced but full of spirit, cartographer Milo Thatch is wrapped up in discovering the ancient mystery of Atlantis following his grandfather’s death. Being the only one of his crew to translate an ancient book, Milo takes them to find the lost castle; only it’s not as abandoned as they believe. Faced with a civilization full of people with a mysterious energy source keeping them alive, Milo has to choose between the greed of the title and the empathy of helping lost people.