The double standard: gender hypocrisy in the entertainment industry

Millions of people watch talk show hosts everyday.

Emma Vaaler

Millions of people watch talk show hosts everyday.

Emma Vaaler, Photo manager

Double standards are overlooked far too often in many facets of society. Holding certain people to different social standards solely based on their demographics often goes unquestioned. one aspect of society that is often overlooked: talk shows.

Talk show hosts have to deal with double standards all the time from the content they cover to the people they choose to host. Specifically, female talk show hosts deal with the need to keep up a higher standard of their behavior while male counterparts have no such expectation.

As the entertainment industry is primarily controlled by men, female talk show hosts deal with the need to fit a certain standard that their male counterparts do not. Ellen DeGeneres, host of her eponymous show Ellen, and Whoopie Goldberg, a host on “The View”, have both received backlash in recent years over the content of their platforms and the way they run their shows. 

DeGeneres received backlash over rumors that she had created a toxic workplace on the set of her show. Forbes writer, Dani Di Placido, shared the specifics of these rumors in an article, “Employees detailed Instances of racism, rampant sexual misconduct, and workers being fired after taking medical leave”. Employees threatened to quit and her name was smeared across the internet over the remarks. 

Goldberg was also highly condemned for statements she made regarding the Jewish population, resulting in a two-week suspension by ABC. “Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments.While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments,” ABC News president Kim Godwin stated. 

In other instances Goldberg and her female cohosts of “The View” have been attacked across social media for many other statements in their show.

While it is important to condemn the actions of DeGeneres and Goldberg and hold celebrities accountable for their accusations, the social smearing and condemnation is often not done to the same degree for men as it is for women. 

Male hosts such as Conan O’Brien have been accused of sexual misconduct and making inappropriate comments not only to guests on the show but on air as well. The difference is, the entertainment industry does not give this the same attention. Male hosts and celebrities have simply denied their sexual assault claims and returned  to normal business without anyone in the industry or network raising any questions. Others have made political comments similar to Goldberg’s or sexualizing comments towards guests and simply been told to make an apology by the orginizations and move on. 

Senior Nessa Gorham has seen the number of male figures who have been able to shrug off sexual assault claims without backlash. “I think women are held to a higher standard and women aren’t able to get away with things the same way men can. Men aren’t held accountable for their actions in their careers,” she said. Female hosts being held more accountable and to a higher standard than their male counterparts is a major flaw in the entertainment industry and society.

Degeneres and Goldberg’s images were smeared across the internet for their actions while men in their positions go with almost no attention drawn to their actions. The industry is filled with constant backlash and canceling for celebrity misconduct. Female hosts should be condemned and given consequences for harmful actions, but so should male hosts at the same degree which is not currently happening.