Listicle: Best study spots

Kira McAuliffe, Student Life Editor

Finals are right around the corner and everyone is trying to cram in as much information as possible. Having the right place to study will help you focus and retain the information you are trying to study. Here are some of the many great places to study.

The Library

When trying to find somewhere quiet with lots of resources, the library is a great place to go. You have all the devices, space and quietness you need to focus. You also have access to free internet which may not be offered elsewhere.

Coffee shops

If you’re a coffee drinker or enjoy having a beverage or snack, this is the place for you. Coffee shops are a great place to study alone or with a few others if you don’t mind some noise. Although you won’t be in the quietest environment, some background music of the place may help those who focus with noise. Some local examples are Coffee Hound, Dunn Brother Coffee, and Starbucks. 

The park 

Depending on when your finals are, getting outdoors could do you some good. Taking a blanket and maybe a few snacks to the park with your study materials, a few friends and some music could be a refreshing getaway from traditional study areas. This isn’t always an option due to the weather, but when it is, studying outdoors can be beneficial to you and your body. 

An empty classroom

Although we sit in a classroom most of the day and people want to get away, sometimes it can be beneficial to study in one. With the empty space, you can take up all the room you need and use resources like a whiteboard to draw out your ideas. This isn’t always an option, but can be useful to some. The best time to do this would be before or after school but always ask a teacher first. 

A house

This may be the most common study area, but probably the one that people are most comfortable in. Some struggle to focus in a place that they are so familiar with, but you can  set yourself up for success by moving to the dining room or a quiet area and shutting off your phone and other distractions. It is also very accessible, completely free and you can even go elsewhere like a friend or relative’s house that you feel you could focus more in.