Top 5 things you missed in the Mario Movie trailers


Daniel Marshall

Nintendo and Illumination are slowly releasing details for their upcoming Mario Movie. Here are some of the things you might have missed.

Daniel Marshall, Multimedia Manager

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has revealed more details since its first announcement, and the trailers have already leveled up the hype from fans. Nintendo and Illumination have clearly taken the time to include references to the video games of the franchise, so long standing supporters will easily pick up on some elements. Whether you are familiar with the IP or want a greater understanding of the movie, here are five key details you may have missed in the trailers.

During a scene showing the Mushroom Kingdom preparing for war against Bowser, those with a keen eye may recognize Princess Peach’s suit from the acclaimed Mario Kart series. ‘Mario Kart 8’ features unique motorcycle outfits for its characters, and a quick side by side comparison highlights the signature blue gemstone at the top of both suits with the same color palette for the exterior. Though this may be a smaller detail, Nintendo paying homage to even their spinoff titles demonstrates their passion for directing the movie.

The Kingdom also has its own share of infrastructure. In one scene, Mario carefully enters a clear pipe only to be swiftly sucked through to the other side. These pipes are a reference to ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ where clear pipes can also be used as a means to quickly travel through parts of levels. In a world where floating bricks and platforms without rails are used to get around town, perhaps the risk of getting bruises in a pipe is less of a safety concern.

The first trailer opens up with Bowser’s flying castle invading an ice civilization. If you have a good memory, a familiar design may come to mind. In the original ‘Paper Mario’ on the Nintendo 64 console, the same Bowser’s castle can be seen floating in the sky. The spiked anchors at the bottom makes the resemblance unmistakable. Wielding a flying castle would also explain how Bowser could conquer independant islands shown on the map.

Racing suits were not the only reference to the Mario Kart series. In the final scene of the second trailer, a wide cast of characters can be seen racing on a massive floating road made entirely from a solid rainbow. This is a clear reference to the ‘Rainbow Road’ tracks found in the series which incorporate the same luminescent elements. In Mario Kart, the name ‘Rainbow Road’ can be associated with either a sense of wonder, or certain death for those unlucky enough to fall off the track.

One of the more obscure details can be found in a short clip at around the 20 second mark. In the top right corner is a purple sign with the name “Crazy Cap.” This text is the exact name of the Crazy Cap stores found in the kingdoms of ‘Super Mario Odyssey.’ In these stores, the player can purchase many cosmetic items or items to help with the journey.

As more details are revealed over time, “The Super Mario Bros Movie” is clearly respectful of the various elements found in the games. From race tracks to store signs, it is exciting to see a movie paying homage to the success of video games set in the Mario universe. From mere pixels to a vibrant world on the big screen, the series has come a long way.