5 Top Tik Tok Beauty Trends


Brooklyn Gowan

Tik Tok greatly influences the trends that many teen girls follow.

Brooklyn Gowan, PV Only Editor

TikTok is one of the biggest influencers on beauty across the world. Here are some of the top trends that everyone is participating in. 

  1. Glazed Donut Nails- Hailey Bieber started this trend when she shared her neutral nails with a shimmery chrome powder. The nails blew up and soon everyone was doing them. Some stuck with the neutral colors like tans and white, but others decided to add their own twist and put the chrome powder on bright colors.                                       
  2. Soap Brows- Soap brows are a fluffy eyebrow look that has become popular. They are supposed to resemble the look of a brow lamination. The steps to create this look are simple. You simply take your spoolie and coat it in soap, then shape your brows and they will stay in place all day.                                                                                               
  3. Skin Cycling- Skin cycling is a four night routine that is cycled through in an attempt to achieve healthy skin while limiting the products being put on your face every night. Night one is for exfoliation, followed by retinoids on night two, and night three and four are focused on moisturizing and giving your skin a break. Many have hopped on the train of skin cycling and believe it has made their skin look better than ever before.                                             
  4. Blowouts- With tools like the Dyson Airwrap or the SHARK, it is easy to create that fresh out of the salon look. Influencers on Tik Tok have raved about the achieved blowout style you can achieve when using these tools. Their technology also allows for this look without causing as much damage to your hair.                                                           
  5. Natural Makeup look- Natural makeup looks are in. The Dior lip oil and blush and Charlotte Tilbury contour are popular makeup products that everyone is using to achieve the highly desired makeup look. If you’re looking to create your own version of the natural look definitely check out these products!