Pleasant Valley tennis teams continue to make another successful shot at state


Libby Kamp

Both the boys and girls tennis teams have worked their way to the top of the MAC this season with the hopes of making an appearance at state.

Libby Kamp, Sports Editor

With plenty of successful sports at Pleasant Valley, both the girls’ and boys’ tennis teams have made their way back up to be a top competitor at state this year. With a vigorous schedule for both teams, their hard work and dedication has finally paid off. And alongside the success, a new collection of tennis courts is being planned to be added to the construction list. 

The girls’ tennis team has previously had continuing struggles growing the team. However, this year, the team consisted of a lot of strong seniors along with freshmen. As the team looks into the future, there are big aspirations for success. 

Junior Lauren Masengarb, a leader on the tennis team, feels the team has big things coming this season. “I expect really great things for our team this season, and for seasons to come. I have lots of confidence in the players on the team and believe we can do well at MAC, regionals, and state,” shared Masengarb. “While we do have a few strong players from varsity graduating, we have some amazing young players to help fill the gaps in future years.”

The girls’ tennis team has continued to work hard this season. From long practices to team bonding the team has been preparing day in and day out. “We have been working very hard to prepare for the MAC and state this season. We have done lots of team building off the court to help us as a team,” continued Masengarb. 

The boys’ tennis team is currently 9-0 in the MAC and leading it. Not only having a fantastic reputation regarding success, the team is also known for having a great atmosphere supporting it. Senior Aaron Ingram shared his thoughts on the team as a whole. “The team has grown so much breach of the coaches. Coach has always been very accepting of new people who join, and this work gets around giving the team a good reputation,” Ingram said. 

The team chemistry has also been a main factor into their success. As the boys continue to travel through the season, their main goal is to make it towards the final rounds of state. “We are a very close-knit group of guys who like to support each other. This has and will continue to help us prepare and be successful at state,” said Ingram. 

As both teams proceed with their seasons, there is a huge aspiration for that first place spot. With a lot of hard work, the current success rate will continually increase for both amazing teams.