Who needs a job?

QC teen job fair

Jarrin Flores, Editor-in-chief

On March 20, 2017, Frank Klipsch, Davenport Mayor, announced in a media briefing that on April 13, 2017 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. the first ever Mayor’s job fair will be held at the River Center in Davenport. The city is partnering with Iowa Works to make this job fair possible. This job fair is unique, because the purpose of the job fair is geared toward the hiring of teens in the Quad Cities. Klipsch said, “It’s not just about just getting kids off the street, it’s about giving kids an opportunity, a sense of hope and new opportunities that they can share.”

Christine Caves, Employment and Training Counselor with Iowa Works, spoke at the media briefing about the upcoming job fair. Caves said, “What a great opportunity to match employers in the area, again, giving the youth an opportunity to find that first time job, gain basic work habits or skills, and to develop a partnership with Iowa Works.” This job fair isn’t limited to the teens of the Davenport area, but is for the entire teen population in the Quad Cities.

Klipsch also said, “We hope to have 25 or more different employers that will be at the event.” Klipsch and Iowa Works hope that this event will give teens an easy way to get connected to local businesses and to start gaining work experience. Angela Pandit, sophomore, said, “I think the job fair is a great way for teens to explore their interests and it is an easy and efficient way for teens to have options for where they could work at. It is also a good way for businesses to advertise their product.” Susan Anil, sophomore, also said, “I really appreciate this opportunity. As underclassmen, it is sometimes difficult to receive job offers because most companies that offer jobs to teens seem to prefer to hire upperclassmen. Through an event like this, all teenagers get an opportunity to get a job and become more independent.”

Teens who are looking for a job are encouraged to attend. Teens are also encouraged to dress professionally, be prepared to fill out applications, and to be ready for on the spot interviews.