Thor slams into the box office


Callum Revell, Copy Editor

“Thor: Ragnarok”, the final movie before the culmination of the MCU in “Infinity War”, sets a new golden standard for Marvel movies. Full of humour and action, supported by a driving and engaging plot, “Thor: Ragnarok” is commonly thought of as one of the best Marvel movies to date. Annika Tinsman, a PVHS freshman, comments, “’Ragnarok’ was better than any Marvel movie I’ve seen yet. It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel tries to top it.”

Thor: Ragnarok opens with a brief sarcastic and entertaining monologue by the movie’s main actor, Chris Hemsworth, as Thor that rapidly sets the scene for the movie as a humorous, action-filled movie. Ragnarok tells the story of Thor and his brother Loki journeying to Asgard after being forced out of it by Hela, the newly reborn goddess of death. With Hela now violently in control of Asgard, Thor and Loki must work together to escape Sakaar, a planet where warriors are captured and used as gladiatorial entertainment.

A lot like its predecessors, Ragnarok is chock full of humour that helps to build on the ever driving plot. The CGI and motion capture is also very high quality and helps the movie come to life with many new and interesting faces such as Korg, a being made of rock, or Miek, a cyborg insectoid man. With these high-budget graphics and premium acting performed by experienced actors who are truly invested in their roles, the movie makes the watcher feel as if they can relate to anyone. The villainess, Hela, played by esteemed actress Cate Blanchett, also offers a new type of evildoer in the MCU. Hela was banished for her ambition and lust for power and, when freed, shows pure but sophisticated violence that allows viewers to relate her on a deeper level. “I really felt like I knew the characters and could put myself in their places,” says Tinsman.

Being a movie full of humour, one can be lead to assume there was a character that leads this and thus became a fan favourite. Ragnarok is no different offering its lead “comedian” in the form of Korg, a kind-hearted rock gladiator that wants nothing more than to start a revolution to save his friends from a gladiatorial death. Korg seems imposing (he is a big, burly rock man after all)  but draws a laugh from the audience upon his first words ( voiced by Taika Waititi) with an unexpected but comical and friendly sounding voice. “[Korg] made the movie for me. He was so funny and many of his lines were super memorable.” offers Tinsman.

“Thor:Ragnarok” sets up the future for the Marvel Universe in a major way, while also evolving the humour for all future Marvel films. It has done a great job at making superhero movies accessible and enjoyable to all, regardless of previous knowledge.