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Will Sharis
One thing that any person could tell you about Will once you meet him is that he rows, a lot. But there is more to William than just his 2k, many awards and endurance. Will has three siblings, two older sisters and one older brother. He's also a genuinely nice guy, almost always laughing or cracking a joke/being sarcastic. He works hard in school, earning great grades  and his favorite teacher is one-hundred percent Mr. Meyers. Unfortunately, and hardly known about Will is that he suffers from extreme back pain. It was a hereditary issue that has caused major impacts on his life, having to spend days upon days in the hospital. But he gets through it all with a smile on his face. Or with a deadpan look If he's tired from rowing. When Will gets older he wants to go to a great college and keep doing his sport. All in all, Will is an athletic scholar of a young man that has his fair of hardships, he has an admirable work ethic and a humorous attitude. 


Will Sharis, Photo Manager

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Will Sharis