2019 Seniors saying goodbye


Photo Credit to Spartan Shield staff

An inspiring banner in the football field.

Caroline Carlson, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

The 2018 football season is slowly coming to an end. Friday, Oct. 19 was the last home game of the season for the Pleasant Valley Spartans. This season has been a tough one, but the Spartans have fought hard and won multiple games.

The Spartans started out their first game by playing Pleasant Valleys toughest competitor, Bettendorf. Followed by Bettendorf was another away game which was played against Cedar Rapids Prairie. Finally, after two away games, the Spartans played North Scott as their first home game. Peyton Lindmark, wide receiver of the team, stated, “It was fun seeing everyone coming out to support our football team for our first game. Our goal was to start our senior year off strong, but unfortunately we started out with a tough schedule and lost our first three games.”

The Spartans didn’t quit after their first few loses. The following week the Spartans got their first win against Davenport central at home. Brennan Sarver, running back and safety for the football team, said, “Right after we got our first win I had a feeling the rest of our season was going to be successful. Also, with the look of our schedule it seemed doable to make the playoffs.” Then the rest of the home games in the spartan stadium came out to be a victory.

Many of the football players and even the head coach of the varsity football team believe they have a chance at playoffs.  Lindmark also stated, “There is a high possibility we will have a tough start to our playoff season but we will continue to work hard.”

At the last home game of the season which was Oct. 17, it was senior night for a lot of the football players on the varsity team. On senior night the seniors walk across the track in front of the whole stadium with their parents by their side. Lindmark explained, “The past four years went by super fast and it’s sad thinking I will never play again for the Spartans on a Friday night in front of my whole school.”

Senior night wasn’t just for the football players, it is also for the cheer and dance team. These three teams have really made an impact on all the Friday night games with their school. Sarver said, “Away games certainly don’t have the same atmosphere as a home game because the band isn’t there along with the dance team and not as many students show up.”

“The thought of never playing on the field again is weird,” stated Lindmark. “The thing I will miss the most is the time spent with the boys before games and being able to play for my dad.” The Spartans had a strong season this year and it wouldn’t have been the same without the 2019 seniors.