Lesson 5: What they have always told us is true

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Lesson 5: What they have always told us is true

Hope Sickels, Staff Contributor

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As you grow up you’re constantly hearing the people in your life, those who are older and wiser, emphasize how fast it flies by. “Live in the moment” they say, and not until now did I actually realize how true all of that is.

As I approach the end of the first quarter of my senior year, my eyes have been opened. All that’s left of highschool is three more quarters and that’ll complete this part of my life. As a freshman you don’t think about making the most of your time here at the high school, because as a freshman you still have three more years. It’s a whole other story as a senior.

Teachers at the high school tell students every year to enjoy the things that are happening right now. Angie Musal, a wellness teacher at PV, said, “A lot of graduated students will tell me how they wish they took advantage of all that was offered during their time as high school students.”

As you enter high school as a scared intimidated freshman, you brush off all those senior advice quotes about how these are the fastest years of your life. “No way,” I remember thinking. “No way could these four years go by that fast.” That was just naïve because now here I am, a senior with limited time left, wishing I had listened.

Natalie Murphy, a senior, agrees that these four years can feel like they go by so fast. Being apart of Spartan Assembly since freshman year and working at Coffee Hound since her junior year, she said, “Being involved in activities and trying to be busy, I think, is the reason why my four years are going by so fast.”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” When I hear that I relate it to high school. You can spend four years of your life doing nothing or you can try new things since you are forced to be here anyway. That could mean joining a club or sports team, or just signing up for electives that sound fun.

There’s a difference between hearing that these years fly by and actually flying through these four years, and I can’t believe they were right.