PV construction to benefit athletics


Photo credit to Cole Hanson

The new “D” gym, above, allows for athletes to train year round.

Cole Hanson, Sports Editor

When will the construction be done?

That question has been uttered many times throughout the previous school year and this year. While many questions have been answered as construction tape begins coming down and hallways begin to open, questions about the changes to the athletic department have been left unanswered.

The Shield covered many of the addition’s new features in an article published in September, but gym teachers and coaches alike are excited to know they’ll be able to take advantage of PV’s newest updates in a few short weeks. There have been questions concerning the new gym, new weight room additions, and the new indoor track.

The new track, when finished, will be used constantly. The weight training students will use the track to run laps around, and they will use the wider sections of the track for active warm ups. The track is also going to be used for agility, which is the cardio part of lifting.

An indoor track for the track team sounds like a dream for the sprinters. They are planning to use the indoor track for warm ups and short workouts, when they can’t use the outdoor track in the early spring. The track will also be used by the distance runners for hurdle mobility, stretching, core exercises, technique work, and more.

As for the weight room, Coach Arnold commented, “There are 10 new racks coming to the weight room. We are packed full of student-athletes, and these 10 new racks will let us add at least 30 students.” Once the new racks get here, the weight training coaches plan on rearranging the entire weight room make it more space effective. The blue turf in the weight room is currently being used for warm ups and agility. Once the new track is finished, warm ups will mainly be on the turf and track, instead of the weight room.

The new gym has big plans. Gym classes plan to use it as a replacement for the old D gym. There are new locker rooms for both boys and girls. These new locker rooms will also be used by visiting teams when they come for a volleyball or basketball game. “The new cardio room has space for a number of new PE units,” said Mrs.Wheeler, head gym coach. There is going to be plenty of stationary bikes to go around, and much more cardio equipment.

Fortunately, the current seniors will be around to see these things happen. The new weight room racks are supposed to be here within the month, and all the construction is supposed to be done by November first.