Spartan Nation’s lack of motivation


Seniors Sheridan Culp and Natalie Murphy exhibit the symptoms of senioritis in their early morning Honors Journalism class.

Lilly Parker, Copy Editor

With each passing day in the second semester, Pleasant Valley seniors are experiencing lower and lower motivation levels due to the anticipation of graduation and college.

Senioritis is spreading around the halls of PV like a plague, and, at one point or another, affects almost every twelfth-grade student. Bri Brauner, a senior, said senioritis manifests itself in different ways for every student. She said, “I have definitely noticed I have been procrastinating just about everything until the night before it’s due.”

Brauner explained that ever since she chose to attend Abilene Christian University in Texas, her motivation to do homework has dropped significantly. Along with the majority of seniors at PV, Brauner fell into the mindset that after one has finalized the details for their next steps after graduation, high school doesn’t need too much attention.

Senior Divya Vashisht admitted she too fell victim to senioritis. She said, “I do think I have senioritis at this point because we’re so close to graduation.” Although Vashisht has applied to numerous colleges, none have released their decisions yet. For this reason, Vashisht feels more motivated to participate in class and maintain her good grades than her peers who have already been accepted to a college.

Although it might be nice to ‘check out’ of school four months early, the senior class needs to stay motivated during the homestretch to obtain the diploma they’ve been striving for. Without motivation, succeeding in final exams and AP tests is nearly impossible. Brauner and Vashisht agreed that although senioritis controls them at times, it’s still important to work hard and try their best in each class.

Numerous extrinsic factors should motivate seniors to continue their academic growth in high school, such as scholarship opportunities, earning college credits, and staying eligible for sports or dances. Vashisht offered some advice to her peers and future graduating classes about staying intrinsically motivated. She said, “If they end high school on a good note, they will most likely start college on a good note, too.”

By staying motivated, the class of 2019 has the potential to leave a lasting impression on PVHS. The seniors should continue to make their mark on PV by showing their hard work in all circumstances, setting an excellent example for the underclassmen, and maintaining the school’s superior academic reputation in the state of Iowa.