Seniors offer advice to underclassmen


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As the school year comes to an end, the seniors look back the experiences and memories they have made.

Jeremy Ramsey, Sports editor

As the school year comes to a close, the senior class has a lot to look back on throughout their time in high school. Several seniors had offered to give some insight on their experiences.

One thing that many of the seniors can agree on is how much their lives have grown and transformed since freshman year. These changes mainly refer to who their friends are, the sports they play, and the activities they are involved in. In hindsight, some seniors regret some of the choices they made. Here is a look at what a few seniors would change if they were to go back.

Maya McClain shared her ideas on public image. “I spent too much time trying to make people like me. I was always concerned with how other people thought of me and I didn’t spend enough time doing what was best for me and what made me happy until my senior year. My life has been so much better and less stressful once I realize not everyone is going to like me,” she said.

Other than reflecting on what they would change from their own experiences, some seniors shared overall advice to underclassmen and juniors.

Jacob Bandy wanted to express the importance of friends throughout his high school career. “Make sure to become friends with people that you can actually go out and do fun things with. There’s no point of being friends with people you do nothing with,” he said.

Harold Flinn explained his idea of being in the moment. “Don’t care so much about what you need to do in the future and worry more about what is happening in the present. Trivial things like gossip and drama go away, so just have fun,” he said.

With graduation in arms reach, there is a sense of bittersweetness within the senior class. The memories the senior class have made, either from joy or regret, are something they will remember for a long time. As the seniors move on to their futures, they hope they can help the underclassmen make the rest of their high school experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.