What to expect when expecting: senioritis


Jackson Schou

Senior Jack Donahue neglects his homework and puts his head down to rest.

Jackson Schou, Copy Editor

With almost a quarter of the school year complete, senioritis is slowly creeping its way towards the work ethic, motivation and responsibility of seniors. 

Senioritis is a “disease” that affects those students in their senior year. “Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants…a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude,” according to Urban Dictionary. No matter what kind of student someone is, they are likely going to encounter senioritis in one form or another by the end of their high school career. 

No senior plans to be affected by senioritis–it simply comes when a student has reached a point in their year when grades, attendance and effort do not seem to matter as much. “I think it’s inevitable,” senior Alan Tudeen said. “Senioritis affects me a little bit now, but I know it will be even worse later in the year.”

Because senioritis tends to affect students closer to the end of the year, there isn’t any cause for concern yet. However, english teacher Don Fry notices a drastic change in his film class seniors near fourth quarter. “After spring break, it all goes to hell,” he said. “I can also understand why. As a student, you’ve run seven and a half laps; you’re not going to be all too concerned about working your hardest on that last half lap.”

Senior Jacob Parker feels as though he has already been affected by senioritis. “I don’t always do my work, my grades are lower than they used to be and I don’t feel like trying. I’m just ready to be done with high school and go to college,” he said. Many share the same feeling as Parker, so students and teachers must prepare for it. 

As senioritis approaches, it is important for students to maintain their attendance and effort as well as possible. Habits that are created near the end of the year can last throughout college and post-education life. 

Dealing with seniors during fourth quarter can also be a challenge for teachers. “I try to keep my teaching relevant and use guilt to inspire my seniors,” Fry said. Like Fry, teachers must adjust their styles and expectations of students.  Senioritis will be affecting more and more students as the school year carries on, and teachers and students will have to prepare and find ways to make senior year the best it can be.