Why zoomer humor is actually pretty funny

Darsh Balani, Site Technical Manager

For every generation, there is a different sense and mode of humor. Boomers are known for poking fun at technology through Facebook and millennials for joking about death and their bleak life through Twitter. 

However, zoomer humor is difficult to understand for the uninitiated, older generations due to the randomness and stupidity of the meme. 

Humor is just like generational music and clothing trends. Many people like it since they have been surrounded by other people who also like it. People of the ‘70s took a liking to Disco because many around them grew up with it and thus enjoyed it.

Meme humor is what stuck with the zoomers. They were able to appreciate its obscure nature by surrounding themselves with people who enjoyed memes. 

The point of many zoomer memes is not to understand it, but to laugh at the stupidity and randomness of the meme itself. Older generations assume there has to be a joke for it to be funny, which is why they do not find modern memes funny. 

The zoomer memes that have blown up across the internet have the most random and senseless picture and caption correlation. The most notorious example of this zoomer memes is the E meme, a picture of a person with a mixture of features from Lord Farquaad from the movie Shrek, Youtuber Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the short and unusual caption of the letter E. 

The meme was able to become so popular because it made no sense at all. “The joke is that there is no joke at all,” said sophomore Rithvik Vanga. “It is funny because it makes no sense at all. The caption is the best part because it is so stupid”.

Many people, including zoomers themselves, find zoomer humor not funny and pointless. But in essence, that is the point of these memes; there are so stupid and humorless that they are just funny.