How high school students have been spending their time after college applications


Amulya Pillutla

Senior Taylor English showing off her Stanford shirt after recently committing.

Amulya Pillutla, Staff Contributer

For seniors, their first semester has been filled with studying for difficult classes, submitting college applications, and piecing together future life plans. Whether the applications were for dream schools or safety schools, the applications have been elaborate and tedious. The applications have taken a lot of time and brain power; reaching out to professional recommenders, coming up with creative essay ideas and filling out extensive biological information pages are only a small part of the process.

However, as the semester comes to a close, the season of applications has been coming to an end and seniors have been able to take deep breaths and relax as they send their final applications in. The closing of the application season brought a wave of relief to recommenders, parents, and most importantly, students.

Now that universities are busy digging into piles and files of applications, students have some time to rest before decisions come out. Since many seniors now have a lot of time on their hands, they have been engaging in other activities. After application season comes scholarship season, and many students have been applying for scholarships. Senior Margaret Huang said, “Applying for scholarships may be an arduous time consuming process, but the time and energy spent applying has the potential to reward you with more options, less financial stress and a higher self esteem”. 

However after the deadlines for scholarships have passed, many students plan to do other activities, get new jobs, or spend more time on past activities. For example, Senior Aditya Desai said, “Now that I’ve finished my college applications, I’ve got a lot more time I can spend on other activities. For example, I’ve been prepping for Science Bowl, and before I finished applications, I did about 1 or 2 chapters a day, but now that I’ve finished, I can do 3 to 4 chapters.” Senior Sam Eliasen said, “I want to take the opportunity to get outside more and do the things that I like. I love to hike and I’m hoping to do some more baking than I previously have been able to do”. With the slowing of applications and college requirements, there comes excitement and more time to prepare for and create one’s future.