Male athlete of the week: TJ Brown


Spartan Shield

TJ Brown attempts to pin a Muscatine wrestler in a meet.

Sanjiv Iyer, Photo Manager

Many students explore sports and activities in their middle school years. However, only a few of them continue and become varsity athletes. TJ Brown started wrestling in a similar fashion but flourished in high school.

Brown’s wrestling career has been filled with success. However, his senior season means something special to him. While he has won individually numerous times, his favorite memories are the times when the team performs well.

While Brown competes in wrestling during the winter season, he is no stranger to varsity athletics. His contribution to the varsity football team was invaluable, and he competed under the Friday night lights.

Brown’s passion for wrestling lies in his competitive nature and persistence. “Wrestling has taught me self discipline and how to work hard even when I don’t feel like it,” he said.

His drive not only propels himself into a fierce competitor but encourages those around him. Teammate Sid Sharma admired Brown’s leadership and persistence. ” TJ has always been a great leader and role model on the team and always puts forth his best effort every practice and meet,” said Sharma.

While Brown’s individual success has its own highlights, he finds his favorite wrestling moment elsewhere. “It has to be winning second place as a team at the Sterling Invitational this year,” said Brown. His commitment to winning as a team makes him the athlete that his teammates admire.

While Brown’s favorite memories lie in his team’s success, his own accomplishments should not be understated. Alongside his numerous wins, Brown has caused multiple falls in under 12 seconds in just his senior season alone. This individual stat goes to show Brown’s dominance as a wrestler in the 182-lb division. 

Brown’s impact on the team is immeasurable. His ability to inspire his teammates to perform better is a sign of an amazing teammate. While Brown is a stellar athlete on the football field and the wrestling mats, his leadership and passion are what he is widely recognized for. His impact on the teams he is a part of will be greatly missed in the future.