The new and improved student section


Jimmy Feeney

Super fans come to watch the girls basketball team play Muscatine at Muscatine on Feb. 19.

Regan Denny, PV Only Editor

Going to sporting events and supporting athletes is a tradition held by all high schools. But some schools, like Pleasant Valley, go above and beyond.

Recently, the PV student section has been showing up — and they’re not playing around. The choreographed chants and movements are always present when the PV student section is in attendance. 

In past years, it wasn’t uncommon to see a lack of participants in the stands for all the chants, especially at away games. The turnout for sports like football, volleyball and basketball has been impressive this year. 

One of the biggest supporters — or “super fan”— Nick Sturdevant goes to all the sporting events. “I go to every game because I take a lot of pride in being a Spartan and I enjoy watching my friends excel in sports,” he said. 

The student section leaders and other students have been advocating for greater turnout at these games; now, people have been showing up with greater numbers than ever before. The increased number of fans is fun for the supporters and important to the athletes playing the games as well. 

Basketball player Riley Vice felt like having a student section motivated her. “With the student’s support, it creates a great atmosphere,” she commented. “It means a lot.”

Having supporters doesn’t make or break a game, or change how the athletes perform; but knowing fellow classmates are supportive can be motivating to a player. 

Baseball player Barrett Lindmark remarked on people going to watch his games. “Personally, as an athlete, I enjoy when people come to watch my games,” he said. 

Lindmark was one among many fans that came to many football, basketball and volleyball games. Many PV students even made the trip to watch the volleyball team play at state. Being a fan is not a cheap endeavor; games can cost money to get into and driving to away games can expend a lot of gas money as well. It is quite the commitment to cheer on fellow athletes.

Spring sports are coming up, and track season has already started. Sturdevant already has future plans to support these sports. “I plan on supporting the girl’s soccer team, boys soccer, softball and baseball teams, along with my teammates during our track season,” he said. 

Sports like soccer, baseball and softball have been neglected in account of student support in the past. Many athletes would appreciate it if students could come support those sports like they did for the fall and winter sports. Hopefully, fun themes and orchestrated chants are in the future for all Pleasant Valley sporting events.