Things To Do With Friends After Quarantine

Once quarantine is over, students will begin to hang out with friends more and more.


Once quarantine is over, students will begin to hang out with friends more and more.

Ilah Perez-Johnson, Sports Editor

      1.  Go Out to Eat

This is probably one that everyone wants to do after the restaurants open back up. Going back to the restaurant you would normally go to with all your friends and enjoy a meal you would get every time. 

      2.  Go Watch a Movie

Once the movie theatres open back up, go watch a sad, funny, action-filled, or romantic movie with friends! It’s something that everyone probably didn’t realize they’d miss so much. 

      3.  Go Shopping

Having stores open up and shopping is normalized again, go out and get some new clothes for the summer and possibly for the new school year!

      4.  Go on a Trip

When traveling bans are lifted go on a weekend trip with friends! Not having to worry about social distancing will make hanging out more fun. 

      5.  Go to the Gym 

Going back to the weights and getting back into shape will be easier with friends! Have fun with it and enjoy the time with them.

      6.  Visit Family 

Right now visiting high-risk people is frowned upon. But hopefully, after everything goes away, visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will be more fun, not having to worry about staying six feet apart. 

      7.  Hug your Friends 

A lot of people are just craving physical contact, like hugging the people we miss. 

      8.  Go get a massage or get your nails done

When places like this open back up, take advantage of it! Treat yourself!

      9.  Have a normal get-together at someone’s house 

A lot of us are wanting to go back and go to that one friend’s house where you make so many good memories. 

      10.  Go to the Park 

With the parks being closed everyone is just wanting to go on walks at the park, play a game of pick-up basketball or play on the playground with siblings. So go do it!