Seniors going out with a bang


Chrissy Johnson

Seniors (left to right) Maya Johnson, Regan Denny, Ellie Scranton, and Jenna Aller stand in front of their senior night car parade put on by teammates.

Regan Denny, P.V. Editor

The best time of any high schooler’s career is the end of their senior year, when they get to finish off their Spring sports, graduate and be celebrated for all of their accomplishments over the last four years.

The 2020 graduates however, had a very unique end to their senior year. School was transferred to strictly online classes, all Spring events were cancelled, prom was cancelled and graduation turned virtual

Although graduation may be virtual, lasting a total of five minutes and parents couldn’t be there to see it happen, some parents and friends decided to make it memorable for seniors. They did so by decorating their cars and giving them gifts to make them feel special after a not so special graduation. 

Making sure that seniors feel recognized for their hard work the past several years is important. Senior Maya Johnson conveyed this same idea. “I feel like it’s even more important to give recognition though we may not have finished our activities as expected, because not having the normal ending and fun special treatment that seniors normally get is a tough way to end high school,” she said. 

Seniors have also been celebrated through the use of social media. Senior Brandon Depover talked about this. “People have been posting senior spotlights and senior posts for athletes that lost their seasons,” he said. 

There is also a new trend spreading on Facebook called “Adopt a Senior.” Parents put out a description of their senior and someone else decides to “adopt” them. This person then sends their adopted senior care packages in the mail of things they like. For example, seniors may receive things like their favorite snacks, drinks, movies and gift cards. This is just another way that seniors can feel better about getting deprived of their senior year experience. 

To make up for seniors not having the recognition they have had in past years, some people have bought senior signs to put up in their front yards, letting the world know a senior lives there. 

The girls soccer program took it upon themselves to honor what would’ve been the senior leaders of this year’s team. Johnson spoke about the event planned by the team and coach. “On May 12, it was supposed to be senior night for girls soccer, but obviously that was cancelled. Instead, our team had a little parade for each of us seniors on the team, with gifts and signs that we would normally get on senior night,” she said. 

The drive-by senior soccer celebration was a great way for teammates to reconnect and lift the spirits of those who were upset about not getting a season this year. The best thing for everyone in this time is to stay positive and to encourage others to do so as well.