Healthcare Heroes: America gives thanks to those on the front line


Melaney Pendelton

Senior Melaney Pendleton will be furthering her education to become a nurse and is overwhelmed by the support healthcare workers are receiving.

Cecilia Zavala, Overflow Section Editor

It is not a secret that during this time, the weight of the world is being carried on the backs of essential workers, especially first respondents and those in the health field. While they are hard at work fighting this pandemic, businesses around the country are showing their appreciation. 

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is one example of a company that is working to celebrate healthcare workers and first respondents. In a news statement, Krispy Kreme announced they would be giving away one dozen free doughnuts every Monday to all workers that showed their healthcare ID. 

Krispy Kreme had this offer from March 30, National Doctors Day, through the week of May 12, National Nurses Week, but they aren’t the only company wanting to help essential workers.

Crocs is also donating shoes to help ease the pain of workers’ feet as they stand on the front line of the pandemic. The shoes are made out of a rubber material that allows them to be easier to clean off before workers go home to their families.

Crocs has promised to ship 10,000 shoes every day directly to facilities or hospitals as long as supplies last. Healthcare workers can even sign up on the Croc website to earn a free pair of shoes.

Senior Melaney Pendleton is furthering her academic career by going to school for a Bachelors in nursing. She feels that although all of these new benefits are becoming available for nurses, they should have always been there. 

“Everyone always knew they were there, but no one really appreciated all they did for us,” stated Pendleton. “I think this pandemic is showing people how much we rely on nurses and how difficult their jobs are.”

In the Quad Cities, Hotel Blackhawk is offering a safe-space for healthcare providers and first respondents if they don’t feel comfortable going home and putting their families at risk. They announced they will be dedicating a specific floor to these workers to rest between shifts.

“I feel it’s important for healthcare providers and first respondents to be recognized now more than ever because we’re all going through a really tough time and many healthcare providers don’t want to go to work,” said Pendleton. “They’re not only putting themselves in the face of danger but also their families.”

As those on the front line of battling the corona virus are risking their lives to protect the nation, many businesses in the Quad Cities and around the country are recognizing their hard work and efforts.