Vouchers for fall football games: How students are getting tickets


Akash Pradeep

“Senior Sam McGath getting handed a voucher for the football game against Muscatine”

Akash Pradeep, Feature Editor

The limitations in attendance to football games has caused an influx of selling vouchers, stirring controversy within the halls of PV. The policy was established before the first home football game, stating that students participating in football, band, and cheer would obtain two vouchers per family. These students could give these vouchers to anyone. 


These vouchers would allow the recipients to purchase tickets to the game. In days leading up to the first home game, students searched for members of these clubs to obtain these vouchers. Many students of the clubs started scalping their tickets, charging very high prices for profit. Although the administration warned students not to sell their vouchers, many students continued to sell them for high prices. 


Even so, many students of clubs were approached by multiple groups of people. Junior JT Muzalski, a member of the marching band, stated, “I was mostly annoyed, because a portion of the students who approached me were people I have barely spoken to.” The urgent and chaotic nature of obtaining the vouchers highlighted the frustrations many students faced, as they were willing to pay high amounts. 


However, students not involved in football, band, or cheerleading believed that it was unfair for band students to get vouchers, since most band students’ parents do not attend games. “In terms of limiting the amount of attendees to the football game, it does not make sense to give vouchers to band students, Senior Sandro Xiao said, because most people who come to the football game watch it for the game.” 


As many students have been approached for their vouchers, the administration was vocal about ticket scalping. Band directors have explained to students that the vouchers have no monetary value. They also went to explain that if a band student is caught selling vouchers, they will not be given these vouchers and could face additional consequences from the school. 


As the more home football games still to come, students will need to be more aware of the consequences they could face if caught selling these tickets, leading many to follow school procedures: either give their vouchers to someone or return them to the school.