Education and employment: A balancing act


Grant Housman

Srikanth Ganesh (bottom right) is also a member of the robotics team, making him even busier

Ethan Stigler, PV Only Editor

Students working  part-time jobs outside of school is not uncommon. Jobs can benefit  teenagers immensely through providing the opportunity to learn skills and earn quick cash.

Oftentimes, challenges come along with holding part-time jobs during high school, as managing stress when balancing education and employment can be an arduous task for teenagers. However, some PVHS students’ jobs have significant duties, adding additional stress to their lives.

Senior Srikanth Ganesh is a supervisor at Whitey’s Bettendorf location.  His position comes with many responsibilities. “My responsibilities include running the store while the manager is away, getting change, dealing with complaints and making sure everyone is on task and everything is running smoothly,” Ganesh said. 

Additionally Ganesh discussed how he was able to attain the position he holds. “I have worked at Whiteys for about 2 years now and the first year I was a regular employee,” Ganesh explained. “So I used that time to learn how to get better at my job and how to calm customers down and make sure our employees are doing okay.”

Senior Kaden Bradley  works at Hy-Vee as a certified pharmacy technician. “I fill prescriptions for patients, log all of the pharmacy’s invoices and order details for all our drugs,” Bradley stated.

Bradley works between 16 to 22 hours a week on top of school.“I hang out with friends and really make sure I take the time to enjoy all of my hobbies,” he said. Bradley is under  a lot of stress, but has learned how to cope with it. 

If students are interested in getting a job for there free time they should utilize the school’s career center which is a great place for information on employment.

These students lead very busy lives with their demanding jobs and education. While they may have a lot of stress in their lives, they have learned to cope with stress in many different ways.